ORIGINS teachers resources

I’ve been working with a  number of teachers to transform the material from ORIGINS into useful education resources for preparing lesson plans, etc. These will appear for download here as they are finished.

You’re welcome to use or adapt these resource packs, graphics, and Powerpoint slides for educational purposes in any way you find useful, but please credit their source.

If you have any ideas for teachers’ resources that would be useful to develop then please get in touch:

For the main book website, please visit


Curriculum Links Download [0.7Mb]
ORIGINS explores the core concepts of places, processes and environments, and how they interact with each other across a broad range of temporal and spatial scales, and thus ties-in very closely to the curricula at KS3, KS4 and A-level. This document provides an overview of the topics in both human and physical geography contained within the book, all referenced to the relevant page numbers, and so hopefully will serve as a useful directory for teachers wanting to look-up explanatory material and case-study content relating to specific topics on the curricula.
ORIGINS book figures Download [18Mb]
This Powerpoint slideshow contains full-colour, high-resolution versions of the figures published in ORIGINS. These will be most useful if you have read the book and wanted to illustrate/support some of your lessons with the graphics and cartographic visualisations, but self-contained teacher resource packs are also planned for release. These graphics are a combination of illustrations, satellite views and colour-scale topographic maps, all overlaid with important details and labels. Many of the maps from the book are provided here as a series of slides, so that you can show the progression or combination of key concepts.


  1. Andrew Ryan

    Hi Lewis,

    Thank you so much for this. Our Geography department have been reading your book in our department book club. We have have all been blown away by the breadth of its scope and how you have made complex ideas very simple.

    Inspired by your book, this year we will be writing a key stage 3 unit based around some of the key ideas. I have also shared this resource with our history department who are designing a unit on The Silk Road.
    I can’t begin to tell you how useful this resource is. Thank you so much for sharing.

    All the best

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