Ditch the glasses for lifelike 3D

NewScientist_3DTVGun at the ready, you are picking your way through an alien world, tracking an adversary. Spotting your chance, you launch an attack. It takes your foe by surprise, and you’ve got him cold. It’s the sort of scenario you’ll find in any first-person shooter game, but this one is different. 
For a start, the virtual world is displayed in stunning 3D. And then there’s the fact that the player whose on-screen character you have just dispatched is sitting right next to you. Though your opponent is looking at the same screen as you are, they see an entirely different view, tailored to their own virtual character. Perhaps best of all, neither of you is wearing the clunky spectacles normally required for 3D viewing.

The technology to make most of this happen is already up and running in developers’ labs. It relies, like any 3D illusion, on sending a slightly …

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